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As of July 22, 2022 there will be a pause on uploads to the repository for the next 30 days. All submissions are saved in a queue for the time being. Users will receive a link to their submission once it is posted online. If you have questions, please contact lib-support@fsu.edu. Thank you for supporting DigiNole as we continue to refresh the site!

How to submit to DigiNole

Use this website to submit materials to DigiNole, FSU's Institutional Repository.

FSU Libraries welcomes submissions to DigiNole from the FSU community. If you need more information about what kinds of materials can be submitted, please refer to the "What can I submit to DigiNole?" section of the FAQ page.

To begin the submission process, select one of the forms below that best fits the content you are submitting. If you are unsure of which form to choose, please refer to the "What submission form should I use?" section of the FAQ page.

If you encounter any issues using this submission system or have further questions or feedback, please contact FSU Libraries’ DigiNole support team at lib-support@fsu.edu.